About Us

Phi Sigma Rho was founded in 1984 by Abby MacDonald and Rashmi Khanna at Purdue University. The two were unable to join regular sororities due to the rigors of engineering coursework, so they decided to start their own sorority. Soon after, the first chapter of Phi Sigma Rho was formed with 10 founding members. Phi Sigma Rho now includes 41 chapters with more to come.

Phi Sigma Rho at Oregon State University began in 2003 with the colony formation, and in 2005 the Sigma Chapter was official installed. Since then, the sorority has grown to include over 70 members from all engineering disciplines at OSU. The sorority is based on friendship, encouragement and scholarship, and strives to inspire its members to have great sisterhood while excelling in their engineering curriculum.


Our Mission

To create lifelong bonds of sisterhood

High standards of personal integrity, respect, and character

Academic and professional excellence with a social balance

Sorority Facts

National Motto: "Together We Build the Future"

Chapter Motto:"Supporting Dreams with Sisterhood"

Mascot: Sigmand the Penguin

National Colors: Wine Red and Silver

Chapter Colors: Spring Green and Pearl Blue

Jewel: Pearl

Flower: Orchid

Benefits of Membership

As a social sorority, we are a big group of engineering girls who...

are fun to hang out with,

can provide a good shoulder to lean on,

can be your study buddy,

can be your workout buddy,

are there to help you succeed and more!

Membership Expectations

GPA Requirement: 2.5/4.0

Engineering Major for at least Fall term

Chapter every week (mandatory)

Philanthropy, Social, and Scholarship hours required per term

Information about Dues:

New Recruits: ~$200 for the first term

Active Members: ~$150 per term

*payment plans are accepted*